Brew + Bake: Reuse your leftover Cacao Brew grounds after a brew!

After enjoying a brew you will notice that you have some cacao grounds, consisting of both the cacao shell and cacao nibs leftover in your cafetière (or other brewing method of choice). The leftovers are delicious, nutritious, full of fibre, and far too good to waste! 

You can reuse these grounds in a variety of recipes! Anywhere you would usually use cacao nibs or chocolate chips they will work well.

We are going to use this space to share lots of our favourite reuse recipes with you, so you can make the most of your leftover cacao grounds! Keep checking back to see our latest creations! 

How to store your leftover cacao grounds: Put the grounds into an airtight container, store them in the fridge and they will be fine to add to recipes for at least one week after brewing.

If you have a reuse recipe you would love to share, get in touch for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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