What is Brewed Cacao?

It’s not coffee.

Using a single ingredient, whole organic cacao beans, brewing cacao follows a similar concept to coffee, but instead roasting and grinding whole organic cacao beans. 

Supplied as a ground product and brewed like coffee or a loose-leaf tea, brewed cacao brings rich dark chocolate flavours to your cup with a range of flavours depending on the origin of the cacao beans used. 

The concept of brewing cacao actually goes back thousands of years. Drank by the Mayans and Aztecs, who famously described cacao as the ‘food of the gods’. We want to take cacao back to its roots and show you how it was enjoyed thousands of years ago, with a modern twist!

Are the cacao beans you use fair trade and ethically sourced?

Yes, always! It is so important to us that the cacao farmers and their families who are working so hard to harvest the delicious beans we are using receive a fair income. 

We source beans directly from cacao farmers or co-operatives who share our values and who believe in ethical and sustainable cacao farming practices.

Which origin should I choose?

We focus on sourcing the best cacao beans for our brews and we are always on the lookout for beans which bring new flavours for each origin we share with you. 

The flavour notes can vary so much depending on where the beans come from and their growing conditions. Currently, we have cacao from Peru, India and the Philippines. Explore the flavour notes from each origin and see what takes your fancy! We also have the Peruvian cacao available in our brand new Cacao Brew Bags - a more convenient way to drink the cacao you love!

How do I make brewed cacao?

You can make brewed cacao using a variety of brewing methods. One of our favourite ways to brew is using a cafetière, or if we're in a hurry we love using our Cacao Brew Bags.

How to brew cacao in a cafetière:

  1. Boil your kettle.
  2. Add 2 heaped tbsp of ground cacao to your cafetière.
  3. Once boiled, pour 200ml of water over the cacao, and leave to brew for 3 minutes.
  4. Stir halfway through the brewing time to remove the “crust” of cacao grounds on top and to release the delicious dark chocolate flavours.
  5. Now the tough bit! Leave for a further 3-4 minutes. Yes, we know the chocolatey aromas filling your kitchen are making you want to pour that brew right away! But wait, it will be worth it!
  6. Optional: scoop out any grounds of cacao floating on the surface and add them to an airtight container to use later.
  7. Plunge down slowly. If you get some resistance, gently lift the plunger slightly then continue to push down.
  8. Serve black, or add milk and sweetener of choice.

We're currently in love with the Bodum cafetière in strawberry.

Is it caffeine-free? 

A cup of brewed cacao does contain some caffeine, but only in very small amounts - comparable to a cup of decaf coffee.

Lots of people tell us they feel more alert and energised after drinking a cup of cacao, so it can be a great alternative if you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake.

Is it vegan and gluten-free?

Yes. Our brewing cacao contains one ingredient, organic cacao beans. Nothing else.

The cacao pods which contain the cacao beans we use are naturally gluten-free. All of our products fit the vegan profile.

Can I use the leftover grounds?

You can use your leftover cacao grounds in a variety of recipes! They work well in recipes where you would usually use cacao nibs or chocolate chips. 

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