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Cacao: The Key Ingredient

Creators of luxury organic drinking chocolate, from indulgent hot chocolates, to chocolate tea, and the regularly unheard-of brewing cacao. We bring organic cacao, the key ingredient in all our products to the forefront, which is why we believe our chocolate drinks stand out from the crowd. Experience the true essence of cacao in every sip!

Full body and smooth drink that is very aromatic. Stimulates all the right senses. Must have drink and I absolutely love it.

Yunsun Choi - Facebook

I love everything about Cacao Brew. Brilliant product - tastes so good and like such a treat. Great as a coffee alternative or just as a little pick-me-up! And love that you can reuse the grounds for baking or other creative bits and bobs in the kitchen. Jazmin is really lovely too and was very helpful in creating lots of sample packs for gift bags I was making.

Louise Watson - Facebook

I’m loving incorporating cacao in my breakfast tried the over night oats and now in porridge. Next protein bars!

Terry Alderson - Facebook

So tasty and comforting on this cold day! First time drinkers - it's a yes from us!

Jessica Louise - Facebook

Ethical and Sustainable

Cacao Brew is proud to be an independent and ethically driven business. We want to create delicious chocolate drinks with a focus on the amazing ingredient that is cacao, with a fully traceable and ethical supply chain.


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