Chocolate Tea

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Our Cacao Brew Bags bring you the cacao you love, perfectly packed into a PLA corn fibre non-woven biodegradable bag. Offering a more convenient way to get your daily cacao fix. Take them to work, for a picnic, or maybe even on holiday!

The premium cacao beans for our Peruvian cacao are grown sustainably in the Peruvian Amazon amongst trees and shrubs, using an agroforestry land management system. Almost all of Peru’s cacao is grown by smallholders who rely on it as their main source of income year-round! 

Expect rich cocoa, vanilla and hazelnut flavour notes.

Ingredients: 100% organic ground Peruvian cacao beans in PLA corn fibre non-woven biodegradable bags.

1. Breathe in the delicious chocolatey aroma!
2. Place brew bag in your favourite cup.
3. Add approx. 200ml of boiling water.
4. Leave to brew for 5 minutes ( or longer if you prefer a stronger brew!)
5. Optional: Add milk and your sweetener of choice.
6. Enjoy!